Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unbridled optimism

Maybe it's because I lack some sort of chemical in my body, but I find it really hard to be cynical. Even when things are at their worst, I see life as something that is filled with hope and magic. I do sometimes catch myself whining (hopefully mostly internally), but it's only because I want to make the current situation better. 

I find that having a positive outlook can really help to achieve life goals, and there's nothing like great music to put us in that mood. It has to be the right kind of music though. "Walkin' on Sunshine" is a great track but it doesn't neccessarily put me into hopeful, looking toward the future kind of mode.  The kind of music I need is the kind that makes you smile, laugh, and then cry, and then laugh at the fact that you're crying.  

I've heard this "style" of music categorized as uplifting, heartfelt, and emotional, but I think that Jeremy Elder said it best: 
"Simply put, this song is what it sounds like to fly. All of the light and happiness and unbridled optimism I can imagine are wrapped up in its melody."

So I'm calling it music for unbridled optimism. Thanks Jeremy. 

Here's what I want to share with you. Hopefully this music fills you with joy, if it does I think that you'll find a smile crossing your face and you'll have to use the excuse that there is dust in your eye. But more importantly I want this music to fill you with a positive outlook, and hope for the future. 

This song is great but it REALLY hits home when set to Star Wars

The good stuff stars at 3:00

A really well edited piece that compiles themes from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Randy Edelman's best work. The beginning really makes me think about the achievements Bruce Lee made in his life and makes me hopeful about mine.

My Mother told me that she wants this song played at her funeral. She's gone from a little girl who lost her father at a young age, to losing a child, living as a farm wife/stay at home mom, being divorced twice, and then following her dreams and becoming a CPA at age 55. I can't think of a more fitting song. But now every time I hear it I get dusty eyes.

No doubt you've heard it a million times before, but I promise. This version is well worth a listen. The end of this film had me choked up real good.

Timeless theme from a movie of my childhood. Craig Safan's best.

IMO James Horner's best theme.

Heat. Epic movie, epic song by Moby.

There's more but these are some of my favorites.