Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Lodge

This is my first new matte painting for my '09 demo reel.

In 2006 I took some photos in Washington DC of some of the various famous sites around the national mall. One of my favorite buildings was The Smithsonian Arts and Industries building.

I always had something "Harry Potteresque" in mind for the building but after sketching out quite a few ideas, I decided to just let some of my personal interests and style come out.

I've always been interested in Secret Societies, ornate and gigantic structures in remote locations, and the very end of magic hour right before it gets dark. I decided to create and environment that would be a meeting place for the barons and baronesses of industry, power, and money.

I sketched out a few things such as the lights, the bridge, the steps leading up to the building, and then when I felt I had a good enough idea of what I wanted I started painting and laying in photos. Honestly I can say that this has been one of the hardest paintings I have worked on but it's been very rewarding. I recieved alot of great feedback/critques from DJ Smack Mackey and Hugh Macdonald and I really feel that without them this matte painting wouldn't be as good as it is.

Here are the photos I used to put this together, all (except the dated one...that was from a friend that went with us to Hawaii) are my own taken in San Antonio, Arizona, Washington DC, and Hawaii.