Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artists working on Avatar

If you really want to know how a film is going to "look", you can typically look at the artists working on a film and look at their styles. A director that listens to their artists is usually a director that makes AMAZING films. Directors like James Cameron.

James Cameron has assembled a who's-who of artist on his upcoming film AVATAR. For this post I'm not going to list everyone who has worked on AVATAR but instead list only the artists I could find substantial info on or find links to. The purpose of this post is to give these amazing artists some credit now, before the trailer for AVATAR comes out and their sites get overloaded with traffic :D

If I couldn't find enough info about an artist or find a link I didn't post them here. So please, if you have worked on this film and feel you deserve a link please email me! (mordecaidesign at gmail dot com)

Production Design

Rick Carter
Robert Stromberg

(No-one can ever find ENOUGH info about Robert Stromberg, but suffice to say that he is one of the most prolific matte painters in digital matte painting history and looked up to by just about every digital matte painter I know. His company, Digital Backlot, doesn't have a website because it doesn't need one. He's that well known.)

Art Direction

Todd Cherniawsky
Seth Engstrom
Sean Haworth
Andrew Menzies
Ben Procter

Art Department

Fran├žois Audouy .... concept artist
Jim Charmatz .... conceptual design
Ryan Church .... concept artist
James Clyne .... concept artist
TyRuben Ellingson .... concept artist
Seth Engstrom .... visual concept artist
Kasra Farahani .... concept artist
Tex Kadonaga .... set designer
Gus Hunter .... concept artist and here
Darren A. Mosher .... special weapons & props
Neville Page .... concept artist
craig Shoji .... concept artist
Eddie Yang .... artist
Daphne Yap .... concept artist
Marco Di Lucca .... senior modeler: Weta Digital
Peter Godden .... layout artist
Barry Howell .... 3D concept artist
Jean-Francois Morissette .... layout: Weta Digital

Not listed on IMDB but I know they are working/worked on AVATAR

pipeline and character TD / lead stage operator / DOES EVERYTHING / All around nice guy:
David Stripinis
Robert Vignone ... Modeler
Tully Summers ... concept artist
Dylan Cole...concept artist

NOTE: I didn't list some of the compositors, TD's, supervisors etc. etc. working on this film. That will come in a later post. I'm not saying that VFX people aren't artists. THEY ARE.


Rockhopper said...

One day someone will write a list for a film and yours mine and cliffs name will be on there.

Thats a promise...


aopaul said...

Hey, thanks for posting this... some great info and a chance to check out these guy's amazing artwork before Avatar "fu*ks my eyeballs"(c).

Clock in System said...

Avatar was an incredible movie!