Friday, March 13, 2009

Rocketeer speedpainting

My buddy Cliff and I used to play "tag" before Siggraph to keep each-other accountable. He and I would send emails with the subject of "tag". If I recieved that email I had to stop what I was doing immediately, and send Cliff a screenshot of what I was working on. This gave us the the chance to review each other's work.

Cliff "tagged" me today and told me to do a Rocketeer painting. I was only supposed to spend two hours.

I spent EXACTLY two hours painting this and though I feel pretty good about the composition, but I noodled with it. There's also some
problems with the depth.

It was a good exercise though and much needed, since I've been busy with a lot of freelance lately.


Next up, something using photography.


Alan Varah said...

Wow that's pretty wicked buddy!

Lorraine said...

Very cool,so simple yet so real, love it!

mo said...

a new post finally! :)
and it turned out quiet nice! keep on pushing buddy!

Rockhopper said...

pretty good attempt for two hours,

as for the film itself it has my favourite ever matte painting in it. Pre war california at night as featured in ILM book.

Hang in there good buddy


Rockhopper said...

Hope this helps Matt