Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Illusion Arts closes its doors

This morning I heard the following news from Andrew Orloff on twitter (his twitter profile is @vfxhack)

Bummed that Illusion Arts is closing after 24+ year in VFX biz. but thrilled that Syd Dutton is coming to Zoic

And while I'm happy for Zoic, I'm deeply saddened that Illusion Arts is closing.

What do Dylan Cole , Kelvin McClwain, and Robert Scifo have in common? Illusion Arts. 

I was really hoping to add my name to the list of amazingly talented people that have worked for Illusion Arts.

Unlike some of peers, who only want to work at a company only because of it's noteriety, I wanted to work at Illusion Arts because of the people there. I've talked to a few matte painters that worked at Illusion Arts and they all said the same thing. "Syd Dutton and Bill Taylor were awesome to work for and they both really took me under their wing and helped me advance my career."

Illusion Arts, even at its height, had only 30 employees. Looking at Illusion Arts from the outside, it really seemed like a tight-knit family. In fact I called Illusion Arts before Siggraph 2008 to ask if they would be attending. Bill Taylor answered the phone. I kid you not. Bill Taylor.

There are a lot of great VFX companies in California that have outstanding matte painting departments, but Illusion Arts's primary focus was matte painting and digital environments. 

I never got my reel into Illusion Arts, I wish I would have. I am working on a new reel now, but I wish I would have sent in something. Even my 2008 reel. 

I wish Syd Dutton and Bill Taylor the very best in their new endevours. I hope someday I get to work with them. 


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Sad to hear, they've been around for a long time !! :(

Rockhopper said...

Sad news, however as one door closes another opens.

Hey Matt why work to join a prestigious firm, why not be your own prestigious firm. It is great to aspire and meet your heros, and as I have quite recently found out never meet your heroes.

You are an inspiration and when you reach your creative plateau you will know. You will gain a reputation as an honest and talented painter(You are there anyway).

You have gained a reputation as a great bloke and you are very supportive of other painters.

Being a team player which you are, people will flock around you creatively. Once you have established yourself I can guarantee that you will give your cooperative a name.

Many years from now youngsters will inspire to work at mordecai Design. Thats not a dream but a fact.

PS I would love to be involved in a collabarative like that. Matt you are that door and you have the key to open it.


Justin Brandstater said...

I had a great experience working with Syd for half a decade as his protege 2000-2005. Its rare to find a copmany that invests in growing talent by daily mentoring.