Monday, October 26, 2009

Dream On

For everyone that is trying to get started in the industry, and having a hard time, don't give up. Dream on. And BLOG! You'll be suprised who reads your blog.

I recently received some really uplifting comments about my blog and progress from people I really look up to. (Out of respect for these people I won't say who. They know who they are.)

"I follow your blog, and I really admire your tenacity. Just keep workin on it"

"keep dreaming and keep getting stronger in your art"

"I thought you worked in the industry already!"

These kind of comments can really help give you focus and put things into perspective. If you're already in the industry, take a moment to reflect all the people that helped you along the way and remember to pay it forward. A younger artist will really appreciate it.


Rockhopper said...

You have no worries mate, remember Spielberg used to hang around a studio with a briefcase trying to look important. Someone thought he was the studio owners son and gave him a little bit of work. he got to watch the industry at a grass roots level. He learnt peoples names, by being friendly and approachable.

There is a matte painter that really annoys me on CG Society and Mattepainting org who is really talented but really arrogant. I have told him privately that I would never want to work with him.

However he has not had any paid work. The guys who came through the forums and help people and are polite, sharing there techniques and appreciate help and critique have all been hired.

Framestore has one such mattepainter who still pms me with help and advice. Something as a struggling mattepainter I really appreciate.

When you get an email of Dusso or Stoksi encouraging you, you feel part of a rare community.

Matt you are one of the best and will make it. You have been a real friend, when you get a paid job I promise you that I will tell everyone. We are proud of you.


Matthew Scheuerman said...

"When you get an email of Dusso or Stoksi encouraging you, you feel part of a rare community. "

Have you recieved emails from Stoski and Dusso?

Hope things are goin good for you man.