Friday, November 13, 2009

What kind of man keeps a monster for a pet?

3 hours. Photoshop - sketchbook Mobile

It's not finished but I'm not sure if I will take it farther.


chrisWhite said...

Oh man, that's amazing, I can't believe how awesome your mobile paintings are!

chrisWhite said...

Wait, did that start on the iPhone and then you brought it in to Photoshop?

Matthew Scheuerman said...

yeah. I only had 15 minutes of free time to sketch it out on my iphone yesterday during a break. Then when I got home I sent a layered psd to myself from Sketchbook Mobile and just pushed paint around for 3 hours to get that.

I used a photo of a green lush tropical environment, that had a cloudy sky in it, flipped it, and painted on top of my sketch with those colors. Using the real world is a great way to get good color, even if it isn't from the same climate.

Rockhopper said...

I want a Iphone now, just imagine scouting a location, taking a photo then doing a quick sketch on it.

My mate Chase Jarvis has a Iphone app which is awesome he is selling it on his blog.

Chase Jarvis Inc google it, couple of dollars will turn your iphone into a awesome camera.

Cool post, the monster reminds me of my cat buffy.