Thursday, December 31, 2009

The journey ahead

Sometimes, as I'm about to fall asleep, I'll close my eyes and see flashes of imagery. Typically some crazy landscape or environment, sometimes a scene, like 2 spaceships in the midst of a battle.

At this exact moment I curse my brain for shooting these images into my conscience, right before I am past the point of no return and always when I'm too tired to get up and commit the ideas to digital paint.

Rarely do I have the time or the faculty to paint one of these pieces but this was an exception.


Rockhopper said...

your brain is wicked, miles from wacom or pen and paper it then leaks out crazy concepts and ideas by the time you get to scrawl this wondrous painting your brain shuts its doors and you lose your vision.

Welcome to the world of creative art!

I noticed that its the last day of the year.

My family and I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year,

a year closer to becoming a matte painter

another year of a great friendship.

Another new and exciting decade where I can see both our names on a credit roll alongside some great director.


Alex said...

I love it. I'm showing it off to my people.