Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please walk with me

Recently I had the joy of doing the Gnomon Master classes and Craig Mullins blatantly told us "your artwork is gonna suck at first after these classes. Artwork tends to suck at first when you experiment."

I wanted to go back to some of the methods I was putting together, before I did so much experimentation. The great thing about sketching and experimenting though, is you still get sharper and you pick up little things that you can apply to your "good" work when not experimenting.

I honestly feel like this is my best concept artwork to date.

This one felt like it EXPLODED out of me in 3 hours. No photos used, just custom brushes. Honestly I don't have anything against photos, I was just blazing through this one so fast I didn't stop to look for photos

(Update: Looked at this on a PC screen at work and it has lost some of it's pizazz. I either need to calibrate my macbook screen at home or get an external monitor. I really think having an external monitor would help so I'm gonna save up for that. )


Rockhopper said...

awesome, keep it up

Nick Marshall said...

I agree, your best yet that isn't based on a specific photo reference.
Hows it all going? Im jealous that you got to learn from Mr Mullins himself! :)

Linz said...

I cannot believe you did that without any photographs! It looks absolutely amazing. I've actually come back to look at your work over and over again since I first saw it. Very compelling.

Peter Oedekoven said...

Interessting posts dude and
nice artwork!!

Balaji Santhanam said...

nice one matt!

Brun Croes said...

Great work !!! :)


peter said...

the mac book's screen isn't the best and I think an external screen is the best solution. I use the Cinema HD and have good results with printing. But there will always be a difference when viewed on a PC. The web changes colors too. Try to use the 'save for web and devices' feature in photoshop and adjust your image.
Those concepts look great. It's funny, the less one cares and the faster you work the better the painting and textures in the end are

Björn said...

Nice shizzyness :)

That's a huge leap!

Chad Weatherford said...

I commented a few weeks ago on this and for whatever reason it didn't register or show up.

I love this!