Friday, March 26, 2010

warming up again

I felt that I needed to do a warmup, since I've been staring at the same two matte paintings for over two weeks and while I'm not tired of them, I wanted to approach some of the changes I needed to make with a fresh eye.

This is a copy of a classic matte painting by Rob Stromberg

Update: Look...I know this painting is uber saturated. It's subpar. Will try to do better

Later I checked to see if the film was on Netflix streaming. It is, but as luck would have it I don't think the matte painting shows up in the film.

I was trying as much as possible to replicate classic matte painting techniques in Photoshop. Just used brushes and tried to have fun.


Rockhopper said...

Stuck looking at the same painting also, That stromberg paint was awesome.

I have found that by looking at Ron Crabbe work and how long it takes him just inspires me to crack on, just do a little bit when you can. Do not fall into the Dylan Cole trap of doing a painting in two hours like his videos. He spends at least fortnight getting it ready prior to filming.

Like what you have done so far,


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cool episode that one !!!

Cliff said...

Dude I remember both the day and night version on dennis the menace. I never had a clue it was a matte, knew the train was a miniature though. Ill see when the day one was.

Cliff said...

Looks like cropped it and replaced the foreground with real footage. Because its there on the opening credits and at 1:26:09. The covered the bridge with foliage so it looks like a river instead.