Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I write like Dan Brown?

I write like
Dan Brown
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According to I Write Like , I supposedly sound like Dan Brown when I write fiction. I've never read any of Dan Brown's novels so I don't know if I can agree with that. I dunno. You tell me:

Removing the gun from its holster, he clicked the safety off with his thumb and stared and the matte black of the barrel.
"I doesn't have to be this way, you could join us and emerge a member of the new human race".
Jon just stared back, burning embers of hatred forming behind his eyes. The blood from his wound slowly trickling down his face and into his mouth. It tasted like pennies.
"What you're doing is genocide. It's murder on a global scale." Jon said through gritted teeth.
Sean turned his head and looked outside to the ice blue landscape. The wind was moaning now, and the thick aluminum of the side-building shivered and shook from the force.
"Every 25 million years a catastrophic event restarts life on earth...I'm just hurrying things up a bit"

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Cliff Berry said...

Yeah that would be like Dan Brown.