Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Using pencils in relative document sizes

I could apologize on and on for so many things in this video but I won't. This is an answer to some of your questions regarding using pencils in relative document sizes. Hope it helps!


Cameron Chamberlain said...

Thanks for recording that Matt,
Is it also an issue of spacing of the brush tips?
seems like the main reason you're using different brushes is to make sure you get clean lines instead of blobby ones. (example: )


Matthew Scheuerman said...

It actually has nothing to do with spacing but everything to do with the document size and how I view that document size on screen.

Drawing with a 1 pixel brush looks ok in a 1000 pixel document, but when I'm drawing in a 2000 pixel image there is aliasing (I think I called it pixel tessellation...probably the wrong term but I've heard it in conjunction with this phenomena) unless I fill my screen with the entire image. Most monitors can't do anything past 1920 x 1080 at the moment and I prefer to see 1 for 1 as much as possible (1 pixel seen for 1 pixel drawn).

Also, a 1 pixel brush will sometimes disappear in a 2k document. You go to paint something, it doesn't appear, you zoom in and suddenly it's there. Not preferable.

Also, I love my 19x brush with shape dynamics and opacity turned on, for anything BUT straight lines. Then I need to use a 5 pixel brush with opacity and shape dynamics off.

Hope this helps!

Craig Steele said...

Thanks for taking the time Matt.

This explains a lot as to the relationship between the document size and everything that inhabits it, quite liberating to finally learn it properly.

You have a multi-coloured tool open on your screen, looks like a great orginization tool, care to share what that is?

Thanks again mate,

Matthew Scheuerman said...


That palette is my photoshop actions! You can create photoshop actions and change the layout to button mode in the palette settings. I have a lot of custom scripts that I run through this. Hopefully more about this later.

Mayumi Elisa said...

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