Sunday, May 4, 2008

Panoramic matte candidate

Richard Cave (aka: RockHopper) is a fellow matte painter, but he's also an amazing photographer, embeded photojournalist, and a nice guy to boot. 

Richard has been experimenting with handheld panoramic photography. He's received much better results than I have (as to be expected) but I promised to post the results of an image that I shot back in June of 07 in St. George, Utah. 

I've just decided that this might be a good candidate for a matte and will have to test it with the groundplane painted in. 

The original image is 6841 x 2730 and 180 ppi. 194 MB


Rockhopper said...

You certaintly have better locations than I have Matt. I had a look at the image on your site.

I need to know two things, which version of photoshop and what camera are you using?

That way I can help out more. I do love that location I am expecting wiley coyote to pop his head round the corner with an ACME product. The colours are awesome!

Thank you for the nice comments by the way. I will link to your site.



puzz said...

@rockhopper: Instead of photoshop you can try autostitch for panoramic images (see this tutorial)

Matt Scheuerman said...

@puzz I haven't tested out Photoshop's merge capabilities in CS3. When I originally stitched this together I was using CS2.Thanks for the link to Autopano. Autopano pro looks like a viable solution for me but I've also wanted to test PTGui. I plan on buying a nodal ninja first.