Thursday, August 21, 2008

nuclear funk

I think I was in a funk tonight. After working out, my creativity and energy went downhill fast. I started by reading through the first lesson of an environment workshop on but did the typical thing that most people do with lessons on the internet. I cut corners.

I didn't take part in the perspective lessons that I should have and so when I started painting I came up with the same old boring perspective that I always seem to do.

I was practicing something else on this and that's texturing and laying down solid large brushstrokes instead of 200 smaller brushstrokes. This usually works better with REALLY dynamic lighting though since your lights and shadows in your foreground areas are at two very different ends of the spectrum. 

 Overall I think this took about 2 hours :P bleh. But it helped me to realize that I need to work on some more dynamic perspectives. 


Joseph Lee said...

A very cool painting nevertheless! Great lighting!

Rockhopper said...

Hi mate cool idea for a paint, but dont cut corners!

Stick at it, I am in a funk also, but you will crawl out of it with a kickarse image.

As Joeseph cool lighting