Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quicktime mysteries

So the other night I finished recording my brush demo in ishowU HD Pro, and the entire video came out to be 2 hrs 35 minutes long. I used quicktime to edit the clips together, and then I used MovieFunnel to speed up the video to be 25 minutes. 

Speeding up the video through MovieFunnel was easy and it saved out a different version of the file when I selected "Full Self contained movie". But here's where the problems start. 

My original file was  660 mb. The 'funneled'  version of the video came out to be just a tad bit larger. I looked at the video and found that my 25 minute version had been added to the front of the 2 1/2 hour version. in out point...trim to selection...Save...file size smaller right? WRONG. 

It seems that Quicktime still keeps the original file refrenced. I've tried exporting a new ipod version of the video using VideoMonkey and got some wierd results. Instead of creating a video 25 minutes referenced the old video and output 1hr of it...what the heck!?

Ok so here's what I want. I just want to export a new 25 minute version from this 'funneled' video and then send it to vimeo. Any suggestions?


Rockhopper said...

if you are on PC using xp transfer file to window movie maker and cut it in place there. Otherwise I cannot help sorry matt


Timmy H said...

Hi Matt,

Great site you have - its really good to see the camera moves on your work. I particularly like 'The Pass' nice work!

pengilley said...

my guess is moviefunnel is leaving all the frames intact but simply changing the framerate tags and stepping eg: play only even frames. Which is how it can spit out the file so quickly instead of a full re-encode.

As for quicktime well... macdot did a whole podcast on quicktime's idiosyncrasies which explain better than i can here:

Is iMovie not an option?

Matthew Scheuerman said...

Pengilly, Thanks for the reply. I figured everything out and will be posting a tutorial on how I put the demo together soon. iMovie wanted to re-encode the files to import them and the quality was horrible. Strange because I edited my demo reel together with iMovie. iMovie also wasn't very helpful in speeding up the clips and wouldn't speed up the clips all into one file. *shrug* It's over now.

Timmy, Thanks for the reply. I lover your blog man and look forward to maybe working with you in the future!

Same goes for you Rockhopper