Wednesday, April 8, 2009

brush demo/tutorial

Over the past three years I've created, collected, and edited brushes to use in my concept art and matte paintings.

I've decided to release these brushes to the wilds of the internet. Feel free to use, edit, and share them. Do whatever you want with them. Tweak them and then call them your own. Be inspired and have fun.

The concept painting I created with them:

Here's a 40 min video of me painting with the brushes


Rockhopper said...

wow, brilliant mate really impressed!


Also generous to share the brushes as well.

mo said...

awesome dude! can`t wait to check out your brushset! :)

Janet said...

So cool to watch you create this picture!

J F said...

Excellent work and info - very cool

Yohann Schepacz said...

Nice one but the hexagonal shapes in the foreground kinda kill the picture for me, maybe you could try to correct the perspective to integrate them in a better way so they dont float over ? Thanks for sharing your bruhes mate ! Keep up the good work !

Matt Marblo said...

Cool and helpful video! Matte painting seems crazy hard.

Olga U said...

Thank you for sharing your brushes! I think this is the most useful/creative brush set I ever came upon.



florent said...
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florent said...

so inspiring stuff !

Johan Derycke said...

Hey Matt
Great Vid Tutorial buddy!
Nice matte painting too :)

And thanks for sharing your brushes!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, i like you comment's on you brushes: Do whatever you want with them. Tweak them and then call them your own. If more people was as you:P Love your painting to:)
Think i will have very very much help whit this brushes.


tria xc said...

wow,thanks :)